“Played this at MagFest. It is so cute and very well executed.” Kadashyn
“Played at PAX South. Absolutely LOVED the game!!!” Dizzy Duck
“Got a chance to play this at Magfest 2017 and it was quite enjoyable.” eveclatrel
“it's based around ink so...i'm getting a copy.” Bendy =WL=

The Painter's Apprentice - Paint Your Way to Victory.

Fall into the art world as the apprentice painter. Experience different art styles while you platform through challenging levels and battle against sentient paint blobs. The Painter's Apprentice is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Art styles

7 Different Art styles

Explore different art styles from Realism to Pop Art created rendered in our own cartoon style.


Defeat enemies

Master the colors on your paintbrush to defeat enemies of different colors, sizes and abilities.


Battle Bosses

Test your mettle against boss fights at the end of each world to prove you are ready for the next step!

Earn stars

Challenge yourself

Earn stars by completing challenges for each level.

Learn more about art

Unlock Encyclopedia Entries

Collect paintings in each world to unlock encyclopedia entries. Learn more about famous artists and paintings of each art style

Bonus Level


Explore the world to unlock hidden areas, long-lost letters and even a bonus ending!

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